VAT Returns
Compliance with VAT is becoming more complex. Investigations from the Tax man can be intense. You need an agent who is successful in negotiations with them.
At SC Accountancy we offer an entire VAT service and we do it with a smile. We don`t like wasting your time with complicated jargon, instead we run through all the information for you and answer your questions you may have directly and openly.

We can provide two methods to assist you in VAT returns:

  1. Let us do your book – keeping and we complete the return from there
  2. Give us your books and we will complete the return for you

At SC Accountancy we complete the VAT returns in good time to ensure you avoid any penalties.
We can attend at VAT inspections

VAT Registrations
The UK’s VAT registration threshold (above which persons making taxable supplies are required to register and account for VAT) is currently set at £85,000, although businesses can opt to register voluntarily if their taxable turnover is below this.
The deregistration threshold for taxable supplies, currently £83,000, is set lower than the registration threshold to avoid businesses trading around the threshold level having constantly to register and deregister.

We can assist you with:
* Advising you if you need to register or if it would be beneficial for your business to register
* Completion of the VAT registration process
* Advising on best scheme suitable for your business

Whether you planned to register voluntary or have been forced to do it as a result of reaching the high profits we can help you every step of the way.

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