Effective bookkeeping is at the heart of every efficient business.

Keeping on track your bills and invoices, you will be able to make payments on time, helping you to stay on good terms with your suppliers, keep your credit rating good, and to chase any payments that are at risk to become overdue.

According to Companies Act all companies must keep „true and fair“ financial and accounting records for at least 6 years and in some cases longer such as if a transaction covers more than one year`s accounting period or if you have bought something that is expected to last longer than six years like equipment or machinery.

Receipt and invoices detailing all money sent and received by the cоmpany must be kept as well as details of all assets owned and any debts company owe or is owed.

Details of stock owned at the end of the financial year and the stocktaking`s used to work this out must always be available and details of all goods bought and sold throughout the year and, unless you are running a retail business, you will also have to keep a log of who you bought and sold to and from.

There is no need to stress with the volume of paperwork. SC accountancy is here to take the stress from you.
We understand the demands on small business and consequently have a solution to suit all budgets and types of business.
The benefits include efficiency as work is not duplicated or doesn`t need to be double checked and our bookkeeping or support feeds into the statutory accounts process with assurance that everything is monitored and checked by our Accountants.
Bookkeeping is an essential prerequisite for preparing management accounts, a vital till for businesses which we strongly recommend should be prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis.

What we can do :
* Drop off your invoices , bank statements , etc
* We will do all the processing
* Then we can easy prepare for you:
Management accounts
VAT Returns
KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
Year End accounts
Estimated Tax Liabilities
*We will prepare for you a neatly filed and organised record and all the information that have been agreed to provide you with
* We will help you to handle any HMRC inspections

In house bookkeeping? SC Accountancy can review your process and advice you on:

  • What is the right bookkeeping system for your business
  • Quality, accuracy and reliability of the information produced
  • How to produce more relevant management information and how that is useful to your business
  • VAT errors ? Let`s prevent the Tax man finds them
  • How to reduce the time keeping your books

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